I Met Pierce Brown!

Red Rising is my favorite sci-fi series ever.


Sadly, the last book in the trilogy came out last month. It’s bittersweet that the series has ended, but I got to meet one of my favorite authors, Pierce Brown. I’m so grateful that he came within hours driving distance of where I live. I went on an awesome 6 hour road trip, went to an amazing and huge bookstore, and I got to see the awesome place that is Denver, Colorado.

I pre-ordered Morning Star over a year ago, but sadly, it didn’t come in time for the signing. So now I have two copies of both Golden Son and Morning Star (not that I’m complaining).

I (sort of) coerced my parents into making the trip and it was incredibly fun. The signing was on February 12 at Tattered Cover in Denver. Tattered Cover is a big bookstore with two floors and a coffee shop. I went again the day after the signing because I just didn’t have enough time to look around.


Pierce did a Q & A and the awesome Sons of Ares was there handing out Red Rising and Howler buttons. The line went all the way up the stairs and into the main store, but it was so cool to meet other fans of Red Rising.

Pierce was so good about talking to every person in line and it was so great to meet him, talk to him, and get all my books signed.

I’m really looking forward to his next series Iron Gold. I will read anything he writes and knowing what’s next is really exciting.










I’m looking forward to whatever’s next. Thanks for writing and for meeting your crazy fans, Pierce.




On GoodReads: Red Rising, Golden Son, & Morning Star.


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